About Us


Pria Viswalingam heads up Fork Films, as Executive Producer, writer and presenter. For the past 18 years he has made high-end documentary series continuously for Australia's two public broadcasters, SBS & ABC Television.

Pria Viswalingam was born in Malaysia of Sri Lankan heritage. Speaking both English and Bahasa Malaysia, (and a little French), he was schooled in Malaysia, Britain, Singapore and Australia. Pria has filmed in some 50 countries over the past 16 years.







Producer Jacinta Dunn has been part of the Fork Films team since its inception. Jacinta started her career in the Sport department at SBS Television and enjoyed working on major outside broadcasts – including the 1998 World Cup where she was based on location in France.

In 2000, Jacinta returned to Australia after a stint working overseas, and began to research and produce documentaries and entertainment series for SBS and the ABC. She's currently researching and script editing Decadence







Xanon Murphy joined Fork Films in Oct 2006 as the Production Manager working on Here Come the Neighbourhood – Series 3, The Last Trimate and Decadence: Decline of the Western World . He is intergral in keeping the operational aspects of the company ticking over.

Before joining Fork Films Xanon has had a varied career in film (1st Assistant Director, 15 Amore), TV as a Floor Manager & Production Manager, and an independent producer of theatre and live events.




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